Below is a selection of customer reviews we've received for past and present collections.

The team at Bianca Lorenne are passionate about producing gorgeous, practical, high-quality bed linen therefore we thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

Bianca Lorenne is our choice of bedspread etc... for our “Exclusive Boutique Bed and Breakfast Accommodation. Our guests are paying top dollar and expect the best and Bianca Lorenne bring this to us. We cannot just choose one of their products over another as we love them all, but for our accommodation we have gone for the natural palette. John Bowen

This bedspread is gorgeous! Beautiful quality, the velvet trim adds a touch of luxury. I purchased the king single size and am using it as a coverlet on my queen size bed. It is the perfect size for the job. Thank you Bianca Lorenne for allowing me to realize my vision of a luxury bedroom in natural colours and fabrics. Jan Howard

Over the years I have bought silk duvet inners for family and friends, both in New Zealand and here in the U.S. These are absolutely the most heavenly comforters to sleep under in the world. I am about to buy another.... Thank you Alison! Cindy Smith

I love this. It’s so soft and the longer I have it the more of an antique feel it has. So beautiful!!! Tracey

The photo does not do this print justice. It is my favourite buy in my entire home. Every time I look at it I discover a new colour, a new flower. This comforter and pillowcase bring me warm fuzzies. Jennifer

Most stunning colours and textures. Beautiful!! Ginny

My 3 bedrooms now have Bianca Lorenne bedroom covers and sheets along with my daughter's bedroom at her place in Wellington, each room with it’s own theme and colour combination. I love visiting Alison and the ladies to see the latest comforters, bedspreads and pillows. They always have great ideas on different ways to display these lovely furnishings. I am working on getting my spare linen replaced with Bianca Lorenne. I love the look and the feel of this high quality product. There is no substitute for this perfect linen. Linda Klenner

This lovely Giotto comforter, is a multiple sensory delight. Tanya Wicht

I love the stitch detailing. Stacey

I love this print!! Beautiful. Bridie Carr

Beautifully styled and fabulous quality. Looks great in any room. Anita Crowley

I love this powder blue bedspread! The Bianca Lorenne Fine Linens add a touch of class to any room no matter what the style. Victoria Bennett

Beautiful cushion - the finishing touch for my Wing Chair! Lauren

This is just to die for! Grace

Heavenly pillows. Top quality and long-lasting. We have one and have ordered three more - one for everyone in the family. Giselle

Adore the Rafelle range perfect for the eclectic blend of styles in my home. Katie Whittington Askew

Beautiful comforter. Love the colour. Amazing products! Janina

My daughter has the Verde Comforter and Cushion on her bed, it is so soft and snuggly. She loves it!!! Hilary Gibson

I love the look of these easy fit natural linen ready made curtains. Always look classy and go with any interior styling - fabulous. Marie Shepherd

We’ve purchased two Acacia Bedspreads so far, one for the lake house and another for my Father-in-law. They really are a luxurious and make a bed look extra special and inviting. The quality is first class and the design and style, a classic. Bianca Lorenne products are a firm favourite in our house. Alison Norris-Baber

Love this look... not only does it look fantastic the quality is amazing. Kim Robertson

I love how big this machine stitched with quilted squares bedspread is, it creates a sophisticated look in the bedroom, I went for the king size as normally a queen won’t fit my bed due to the height but the king size covers the bed right down to the floor. The smokey colour added the extra oomph to my dull room. Justine Riwai

The classic bed cover, simplicity, texture and purity to give pleasure for a lifetime. Janette Theobald

Love these sheets... the delicate embroidery is so beautiful. Adds to any bedroom and the soft texture is delicious to sleep on. Donalea

As with all Bianca Lorenne products absolutely beautiful! Liesha Wood

This beautiful tablecloth ensures that the table looks absolutely fabulous when set ready for the best occasion. The linen look has always been a favourite of mine. Shona Bensemann

Great rug, neutral in colour but dark enough to hide marks, great pattern for adding texture to a room. Bridget Fraser

There is nothing better than getting home to a freshly made bed. These sheets have the thread count and quality to bring you many years of joy, peaceful nights sleep and are cool in summer and warm in winter. Workmanship is impeccable and the style everlasting! Chris

Love linen - while it is so hard to choose a favourite - comforters are like children - you can love more than one - but this is probably my first love. Narelle

A beautiful delicate colour scheme for any delightful bedroom situation. The different combination of materials used stands out and gives a special look. Makes one want to cuddle up and go to sleep on it. Diane Chadwick

This is the most beautiful bedspread, the vines and satin embroidered leaves around a central motif are just lovely and the white is so pure. Thank you for making such beautiful products. Janelle Denny

The girls at Cerise Home and Giftware just love this range of beautifully finished Italian bed linen. The 800 thread count and simple timeless design of the Ajour range means we have enjoyed the exceptional quality and comfort of this luxurious linen for many years. We love the way this linen stays soft and white, wash after wash - absolutely divine! Cerise

Absolutely beautiful linen that has the relaxed crushed feel that only comes with superior quality. Beautiful eggshell which compliments with the rest of the soft colours in the range. Virginia Murray

What a beautiful fabric! I always find Bianca Lorenne's fine linens to be absolutely gorgeous and this one is no exception. Melanie West

This is luxury at its best. Vicky

I love that this cover is timeless - I can use it in my daughters room as a young child, right through to when she is much, much older. And hopefully it will be something that she can treasure for the years to come. Stacey

Intricate details, beautiful quality... this truly is a masterpiece. Kate

To me the beautiful Crellini linen bedcover speaks of carefree Summer days sleeping in, reading, talking, playing, laughing. The sun gently entering the room through gaps in the shutters, while the smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the room. Jennifer Barker

The entire range is beautiful, however it is very hard for me to go past this exquisitely hand finished piece. Having done needle work myself I appreciate the passion and design of this bedspread. Nothing more divine than to enter a bedroom, the bed adorned with white and accessorised with soft inviting creams, truly peaceful. Elegantly perfect. Colleen Young

The most delightful bedspread in a beautiful linen. A timeless classic! I have had so many compliments from friends and family members. It was the icing on the cake in our bedroom makeover. Simply gorgeous! Anna Scott

These sheets are fabulous - so beautiful to sleep in - worth every cent. Sandy Trengrove

I particularly love the Crellini Noma bedspread story - it is a range that would suit both men and women, it is very European with its colour range and I love the pinstripe feature on the back! Gorgeous! Cherry Kitchingham

Completely in love with these - wow! Helle Johnson

This is a beautiful set which is in our guest room. It is classic and timeless. I have used the cushions as well to accentuate the soft colour of the set. It just looks Fantastic. Susan

Absolutely beautiful comforter, can be used in the warmer months but is lovely as an extra layer in the cooler months and the colours can go with a multitude of styles. Jude McLauchlan

We have three Bianca Lorene bedspreads already in our house and would definitely buy more. Love them... Adele Willis

I have this bedspread in blue. It is the warmest quilt I have ever laid over my bed. I just love the detail on the quilt. Have had a lot of comments from visitors. They want to take the quilt home with them. I don’t need an electric blanket anymore. Just love it (so does my cat). Although I don’t like her on it, she looks very content. I love the colour also. Megan Salkeld

The Mirabel cushion shrieks Bianca Lorenne to me! The colour cranberry is an all-time favourite of mine and to see a cushion presented so richly with chunky hand crafted silk french knots and fringed edging says to me... Divine! And to have Eurocases and matching comforter available too - typically high class Bianca Lorenne products. Lynne Stewart

For a luxurious sleep, a silk duvet is essential. The lightness of the silk drapes around your body and is so comfortable and warm. I can’t gush enough about its benefits. I have purchased 3 of these now. As a women who has entered menopause it means I can have an uninterrupted sleep, no more waking up and throwing of the blankets because I’m too hot. Really ladies its amazing! My son has had trouble with asthma and allergies and it has made a big difference. These duvets sit so nicely under my bedspreads too, not bulky. They are truly worth the investment, nothing beats a good night's sleep. Kay Chandler

My favourite! I have this on my bed and my 6 year old comes down in the middle of the night and makes his own little bed out of it! Soft enough to sleep on and warm enough to snuggle in to. Libby Senyard

Beautiful bedspread, I feel like a rustic princess tucked up in bed with happy dreams, and a luxurious Sunday sleep in with a cup of tea and romantic novel, just heaven :) Georgia Kerby

My Mother told me, that I would never regret buying good bed linen. The better quality, the better the sleep. And she was right, it just feels so good to lay ones head on natural fabric sheets and snuggle into linen bed covers. Absolute luxury. It's not something we could afford to buy when we had young children, but it is one of the blessing of a grown family. Linen bedding to me tops the lot, just perfect for comfort. Sheryll

After years of owning Bianca Lorenne quilts, we decided to buy the Crellini Linen bedspread in the eggshell blue for our new bed. As always, the bedspread is superb quality. We love the ruffled pleats down the edges of the quilt and down the side of the pillowcases. The eggshell blue is such a gorgeous soft colour, and it goes perfectly with the natural linen valance we also bought. The whole look is set off with crisp white sheets - just gorgeous! Thanks again for another beautiful product! Kate

I adore Bianca Lorenne bed linen - it is always my first choice to show my clients. The brochures are beautifully done and a wonderful tool for us as interior designers. There is always something new in every range which is totally gorgeous - it’s hard to choose most of the time, the quality is so good and everything is mixed and matched to perfection. Helen Fritchley

This is the most luxurious beautiful bed linen. Something of quality that will be passed down to the next generation, my clients love it. You will sleep like a princess. It's one of those must have things. Leigh

By far the best pillows I have ever purchased. Ensures the most comfortable night's sleep. Would definitely purchase again and recommend to others. Michelle

As a perennial fan of duck egg blue and natural linen, Bianca Lorenne has always been my number one choice in bed linen. This year the introduction of the serene lighter shade of pale blue is definitely my first choice. It looks particularly dreamy, just what you need to cuddle into before floating off into the clouds asleep! Amanda Kerby

This is destined to be a heirloom! It is sumptuous and perfect for chilly nights. Ness

I love this comforter to bits. It is the perfect combination of country and chic. Goes with any type of bedroom setting. It’s just gorgeous!! Fleur Milne

Glorious, my first choice from your fabulous new collection... but why stop now? One can never have too many gorgeous things, bed linen included!!! Vicky Gibb

I have this quilt cover and the way it has aged is stunning. It’s just going to keep getting better. Love linen. Jennifer Butler

It’s delicious! Do I need to say more?? Vicky Hughson

Just gorgeous, I love the colours and that they can be matched with so many other products. Just beautiful. Melissa Reynolds

Our guests love your sheets, they comment on the quality and the beautiful tactile feel of them. They are easy to launder and look after as well. Dry Paddocks Retreat

I have had this cover for 7 years now and it still looks fab, never dates and washes well. Jodie

The best pillow I have ever had, divine comfort. A great help for my dust allergy. Gentle support for my sensitive painful neck problems. Thoroughly recommended. Sue Lawrence

Bianca Lorenne is synonymous with romance and femininity. Beauty and quality are their hallmark. Absolutely delicious - mwa! Maureen

Living In Far North Queensland it is hard to find good quality bed linen that not only looks good but works well with the heat and the odd cooler months... Superior quality bed linen is even harder to find... From experience the Bianca Lorenne I have not only looks good it washes well and gets better with age... Highly Recommended. Gary Hinchliffe

I just love Bianca Lorenne cushions (and all of the linen!). The luxurious fabrics, variations of colours and textures all work so well together. Think I’m going to have to buy all three in this display picture. :) P.S. Love the fabric draping over the seat as well! Michelle Gilbert

These sheets are fantastic. Lucy Smith

I love this. It brings to mind Marie Antionette's bed at the Petit Trianon. Mireille Bealleu

The design of this comforter is fabulous. The colours are soft, yet not too feminine. Combine it with some fabulous velvet cushions and your bedroom is transformed! Tina Fawkner-Corbett

The colour and pattern schemes in the Bianca Lorenne comforters bring so much joy comfort and serenity to the bedroom. Immediately you feel a sense of being cocooned like being wrapped in all things beautiful. This particular comforter is one of my favourites as I can mix and match so many different textures and colours to create a vintage look or a modern design. It's like coming home. :) Rose

The elegance of soft blue hues and silver cream make such a stunning visual in this interpretation. It's like France meets the princess of dreams... soothing inspiring and effortless I adore the simplicity yet the construct of thorough elegance. Another of my all time favourites. Rose Issa

Amazingly beautiful linen with the perfect embroidery detail... a heirloom in the making! Ness Lockyer

I simply adore the Avian design and even more so on Linen. The linen is so sophisticated, so chic, yet the Avian design is so classically comforting and welcoming. Team it with some beautiful velvet cushions in contrasting colours to make a beautiful space. Tina Fawkner-Corbett

Beautifully opulent fabrics and stylish designs that are hard to find anywhere else online or in stores. Believe me I’ve searched for weeks and finally stumbled onto these amazing products. Jane

Truly beautiful, elegant luxury. Brings a feeling of warmth, softness, style and sophistication to any bedroom. June Bowman

The colouring of this quilt was the first thing that caught my eye, along with the gorgeous detailed motif border. It looks and feels so luxurious and has a timeless elegance that will only increase over the years. I love it, it’s just delicious!! Melanie Sherwell