frequently asked questions

How do I know what size bedspread to purchase?

If you want your bedspread or bedcover to drop to the floor we suggest you measure your bed with all its normal layers on. To measure start at the floor on one side, measure up the side of the bed, across the top and down the other side to the floor (all in one measurement) then choose the size closest to that listed on the website.


What is a comforter?

Our comforters are usually folded at the end of the bed as a decorative statement piece. You can pull the comforter up for extra warmth on chilly winter nights and is ideal for daytime naps. They can also be used as a throw on sofas or in living areas. We have comforters made with velvet or cotton and cotton/linen mixes.


What are our products filled with

Cushions- Our bed and bolster cushions (50cm x 30cm, 60cm x 30cm, 90 x 35cm, 45cm x 45cm round) are filled with poly fill. Our occasional cushions (60cm x 40cm and 50cm x 50cm) are filled with feather inners.

Bedspreads/quilts - We use cotton wadding in our quilted bedspreads.

Comforters - Poly fill

Silk bedding - 100% grade A pure floss mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk you can purchase.

Silk pillows - 50% grade A pure mulberry silk mixed with 50% polyester. Polyester is added to give loft and cushioning and helps with retaining shape.


What size comforter is best for my bed?

For single and king single sized beds we recommend the standard size puffy comforter (206cm x 206cm) or a small sized velvet comforter (200cm x 150cm).

For queen and king sized beds we recommend either size of each comforter depending on how much drape you desire down the sides of the bed.

For superking sized beds we recommend the larger sized puffy comforter (246cm x 206cm) and the larger sized velvet comforter (240cm x 150).


What is the difference between an oxford pillowcase and a standard pillowcase?

An oxford pillowcase is the same size as a standard pillowcase with an additional 7cm flange around all four edges.


What is a lodge pillow/pillowcase?

Our lodge pillow is larger than a standard pillow. It measures 90cm x 50cm as opposed to a standard 74cm x 47cm. A lodge pillow is more commonly used on a king or superking bed.


How deep are our fitted sheets?

All of our fitted sheets are 40cm deep, with all four sides elasticated.


What is the best way to keep my sheets white?

The best way to keep your sheets white is to soak them in cold water before washing (overnight if possible). This will help loosen up dirt particles making it easier to wash away. DO NOT BLEACH- this will damage the fibres. In addition the sun is a great whitening agent.


Do you recommend washing my sheets before using them?

It is personal choice and preference as to whether you wash your sheets before using them. However we do not recommend washing our Italian white and ivory sheets as they are manufactured with a beautifully scented white musk perfume.


How many sets of sheets do you recommend having?

We recommend having at least two sets of sheets. It is important to alternate sheets to let the fibres rest and breathe between washes. The sheets will also last longer as the wear is shared out between each set.


What thread count are our sheets?

Ajour, Venezia and Milano - Our Italian sheets are 800 thread count 100% combed cotton percale.

Odessa and Allaro - Our superfine percale sheets are 880 thread count.

Bouton, Sabine and Tichette - Our printed sheets are 600 thread count 100% cotton percale.


How long will my sheets last for?

How long your sheets last depends on a number of different aspects. How often you use the sheet set, how many sets you have, how many people occupying the bed, how you wash and care for them, how often you wash your sheets, your personal hygiene, what products you put on your body.


Do bed sizes vary around the world?

Yes bed sizes do vary around the world. For example Australian King and NZ King are different; an Australian King is equivalent to NZ Superking. 


What is Crellini?

Crellini is the brand of our range of 100% linen bedcovers, duvet covers and table linen. These stunning lightweight creations make for a relaxed uncomplicated look both in colour, scale and design.


Can I buy products from previous collections?

Depending on whether we have that item in stock and in the size you require you may be able to buy products from previous collections. To inquire about an item from a previous collection, please look on our website, check with your nearest stockist or phone us on 1800 705 393.


How do I request a fabric sample?

We supply samples of most of our fabrics. Please note these are for colour reference only and do not show any quilting and/or embroidery. Locate the product you require from the “our products” menu, and click on the “request a fabric swatch” icon, and enter your details into the online order form. We aim to have swatches to you within 10 working days.  We have a maximum of 3 swatches per customer. 


How do I place an order?

Bianca Lorenne products are stocked throughout Australia at various stores. Please visit our website “where to buy” section for your nearest stockist. If there is not a stockist near you, you can order online.


Can I order from overseas?

Yes most definitely, please email us on with your request and we will be in contact with you.